Dear Congressional representatives,

I understand that you are currently looking at H.R. 4310 also known as the National defense authorization act of 2013. May I remind you that you represent the people of your district. You should ask yourselves a few questions regarding this bill:
1) what was the original intent of the common defence clause in Section 8 article 1 of the Constitution?
2) what would this war cost us in terms of resources?
3) how will this affect our national debt?
4) are we able to take care of even more wounded soldiers? 
5) will the federal reserve have to print more money to pay for other budgetary shortfalls?
6) will any other unconstitutional bills get passed for 'security' reasons?
7) how will this make We the People more prosperous and free?

The founding fathers agreed that standing armies and national banks were both dangerous and would cause our nation to lose its liberties. This has been proven true throughout history.  I urge you to give some serious thought to these questions. The unintended consequence of your next foreign adventure could be violent demonstrations and even revolution.


A very concerned citizen

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